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For more than 20 years Zhejiang Jinping Wire Drawing Die Co., Ltd. has always been dedicated to producing custom made quality wire drawing dies to meet customer specifications, today Jinping Wire Die is the No. One manufacturer and supplier of wire drawing dies in China. Our product range includes natural diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, tungsten carbide dies, extrusion tips and dies, enameling dies and die refurbishing services.

Jinping Wire Die (JPMJ) was established in 1992 to produce and supply diamond drawing dies to the soft wire industry (copper, aluminum and low carbon wire etc), from 2002 Jinping Wire Die expanded to produce wire dies for high tensile wires, especially from 2007 Jinping Wire Die started to produce wire dies for sawing wire with tensile strength 4000 N/sqmm.

Nowadays, Jinping Wire Die is the global top supplier of wire dies for sawing wire, and currently working with more than 20 producers of sawing wire worldwide. Equipped with 4 Conoptica CU10 machines (global leading and recognized system for measuring drawing dies), our product quality and quality control are always in the highest level.

Some world famous companies like Leoni, Nexans, Phelps Dodge Wire and Cable, Delphi, Rea Magnet Wire, Sumitomo Electric, and Totoku Electric are currently working with us, Jinping Wire Die is growing to be a modern manufacturer of wire dies with superior materials, finest hand crafted workmanship, strict quality control, superior customer service and production capacity to satisfy our customers in worldwide marketplaces.

To our potential customers: Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with your current dies. Come to us for the right answers. Most of the time, you will find what you want from us.

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